Polkaswap is coming

Polkaswap is coming

By aarton | HARTO | 21 Feb 2021

The Polkaswap wave

Polkswap is an all-mighty protocol for DeFi created by Soramitsu for reforming and level up the actual Decentralised Finance and designed exclusively for the Polkadot ecosystem including Kusama and a bridge for connecting other important chains like Ethereum.

As exchange uses Substrate as the core infrastructure, have minimal fees using the SORA Network, a liquidity aggregation path algorithm for multiple pools technologies. Also prepared to interact with Fearless wallet.

Everyone in the crypto world and new in this lands are looking for security, The Polkaswap protocol smart contract will be audited, and it is designed with security as its top priority and added security.

On the horizon is show up interoperable, scalable, and infinitely composable future of DeFi.
Surf with the #PolkaswapWAVE

Share what it means for you, the DeFi and for the bull market.

Source from "Polkaswap introduction" on medium
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