Stance for Street Self Defense


Remember that someone who attacks you allready in his mind he think he as won!  Once he knows he has pick on a tiger the fight may change, alway go into the fight situation with a poker hand of 4 Aces, but let him think you only have a duce.

Street fights are not like sport fighting, in fact all of the Boxing,MMA, Judo,Kickboxing, Wrestling, and other fighting techniques are fogotten in the heat of the argument.  You must train for scenario based situations for the Street.

Be careful on who you start a fight with you never know what he might know


Links to 2020 Shaolin temple Hall of Fame in China

Weigh loss information


Informing people of Self Defense techniques that are easy to learn and remember based on common sense ideas.

Author Daniel Pinkowski

Retired Martial Artist living in Shenzhen China, d...

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