Exit scam investor beware

By Hanscrypto4 | Hanscryptoblog | 18 Apr 2021

Every crypto investor who is longer into the crypto market might have faced crypto websites suddenly disappearing. It is a common phenomenon in the crypto world especially when they promise very high yields. In this blog I will cover how to recognize those websites and how to avoid losing money with those websites.

How can you recognize those websites?

After entering the website it is easy to spot that there are no details of the team behind the project. Also the concept is very ill defined and no clear information is given that can explain how the high yields can be achieved. Another aspect is that it is hard to contact the website owners and the mail adress often doesn’t work either. The support of the website is also ill defined and no answers are given when you ask support any questions. But the most important aspect is the short life span of the website. Most of those websites are online only for a few weeks, indicating that they run a Ponzi scheme.

Only use sign up bonus

In order to make sure the website is to test website with only a sign up bonus. Often those offer a free incentive for signing up so before investing any real money test the websites with only the free incentive but never put any real money down. It is very likely the website disappears. It often happens in the weekend on a sunday. Best is to watch what will happen. Good websites will have a clear concept and a good support. The rest only run schemes that will rip investors off.

My conclusionS

In crypto there are a lot of opportunities to make money but watch out for schemes that will perform exit scams. Not everything is beautitul in the crypto world and think twice before investing into those websites. Exit scams are a real treat and feeding them money will only encourage those scammers more

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