Trying Out Singh
Trying Out Singh

What is Singh?

I have read Singh's Manifesto and had a good look at their goals - but to start with I am going to ignore all that and just talk about the experience I have had with just over 3 weeks of using the Singh app, which I downloaded on the day of release.

So, this app would appeal to anyone with an interest in photography (even if like me that is a really casual, non-professional interest) and being able to be rewarded for their photographs. The way it works is that Publishers post 'Campaigns':


These Campaigns are basically a requests for photographs with a particular theme, like the above but other examples have been photographs of pets or photographs of a Sautrday Night. For any of the campaigns you are interested in you can click into the tile and then there is more detail on what the campaign is about and any rules (an obvious one being that the photographs are your own).

As a user if you see a campaign you would like to participate in then you can;

1 - Submit Your Photograph

After which you will see your image and how long until voting:


After uploading your photograph the app then gives you a way to share that on Facebook (although if you do not want to share it with your friends you can only make it visible to yourself). This social media sharing aspect has a tie in to incentivising publishers to start these campaigns to get their message out there - more on that later.

2 - Cast a Vote

You as a user participate in the voting and when you click to vote you see two photographs (from the campaign) and you pick which you think is the best, then you see another set of two photographs and repeat the process (you see about 10-15 sets of photographs) and then after voting closes all that data gets digested into a leaderboard

3 - Get a Reward

The Campaigns have an assigned reward pot and the rewards are distributed across the submissions, obviously weighted towards the top so the better you do the more reward you can get. If the picture campaigns I have seen so far, the lowest reward pool I have seen has been 10,000 Singh Credits and the largest has been 400,000. This is what you see after the voting has been counted, for one of the smaller campaigns;


What can I Spend my Singh Credits on?

You can spend the Singh Credits in the Store:


The list does carry on scrolling down into bigger denominations and different regions Amazon vouchers.

I'll move on now to what it says in the Manifesto PDF and their bigger vision, but I'll start with the point in that PDF document about the other way to use Singh Credits, which is not yet active I believe - and that is that you can convert Singh CREDITS into Singh TOKENS, which will be convertable between the two on a 1:1 basis. The Singh TOKEN is ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and will be then tradeable on Crypto Exchanges - or from the perspective of a publisher you can use the Singh Token's to start campaigns and look to the community to source images with a particular theme.

The App Itself

I just wanted to put a note in about how well built the app feels! I have ended up using quite a few apps whilst trying out whatever I can find with a tie in to blockchain, and some are pretty bad, but the Singh app I have found the layout to be really intuitive and I'm yet to have kind of problem like a button not working.

Singh's Vision

The Singh manifesto explains how in the advertising world has drastically increasing competition and advertisers are having trouble in a really localised and targeted way, leading to a rise in 'interruption marketing' where all sorts of people are trying to shove all sorts of adverts in your face, negatively impacting the experience of people trying to use the internet and in response prompting a certain amount of site users just stopping taking on board whatever adverts are being shown, or even using Ad Blockers to block the ad content out.

Singh is coming at the advertising space from the angle that people will still listen to advertising if they are interested, like if friends are sharing the message. This is the point I mentioned earlier when talking about submissions, the publishers that create these campaigns can use them to not only source pictures, but also share their message with a wider audience that are more likely to take interest as the message is coming from their friends. For example, Coca-Cola could come along and post a Campaign 'Chilling out with a Coke', and ask for users to join the campaign and submit their pictures of how they are enjoying a refreshing bottle of Coke. The users participate and upload a picture, sharing that image on Facebook and spreading the Coca-Cola message.

People are already out there taking photographs and sharing them for free on social media, Singh is looking to monetise that for users of their platform, and for good photographers even use this as a gateway to jobs.


I can honestly say I have enjoyed picking this up on day one and participating in the campaigns. One thing this app is definitely not is time consuming - typically the Campaigns so far have been very easy to participate in, for example on Valentines day there was one about Valentines day, on the weekend there was one about what you get up to on a Saturday night so at its most basic you can flip over to your camera app, take a snap and then submit it. I have no plans to remove the app and I'm looking forward to see how big a slice of the 400,000 Singh Credit campaign for which the results are just being processed :) 

Where can I get the App?

The app is currently available from the Google Play Store, link below. I have had a look around for any mention of an iPhone app, but I couldnt see anything. It is early days for Singh and an iPhone app being in the works would not surprise me!



Thanks for reading!


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