Unboxing Gouache Paints / Himi Jelly Gouache [ASMR]
Himi Miya Jelly Gouache Unboxing ASMR Video

Unboxing Gouache Paints / Himi Jelly Gouache [ASMR]

By bluekasumi | hanakotoba | 24 Dec 2020

Hello Guys,

how have you been? I hope you're doing great and are healthy!

I filmed myself unboxing my new Gouache Paints by the brand HIMI. Those have been very popular with artists for the past months and I wanted to try them for myself as well. They have a jelly-like consistency that is fun to watch while I unpack each individual color.
There is no talking, just ASMR. I hope you'll enjoy watching this.

Stay safe and have a nice day! :)
~ hanakotoba

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