Painting Eren Yaeger Eyes from Attack on Titan Season 4 with Gouache, colored pencils and Copic Fineliners

Drawing EREN JAEGER's Eyes | ATTACK ON TITAN Fanart | Painting Video

By bluekasumi | AoiKasumi | 11 May 2021

Hey guys,

I had long break from creating videos and even longer from drawing.
There was a lot of work coming in, so I had to wait until I had some time for myself again.
I kept everything that inspired me inside, which is very frustrating.
So the moment, I can finally let it out, I will do so immediately.

I drew a scene from Attack on Titan season 4, episode 8.
This close-up of Eren Eyes's was done with Himi Gouache for base colors
and Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils for shadows and details. 😊
I hope you enjoy watching this! ❤️

You can also watch the Video on LBRY

~ hanakotoba

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