Drawing a Perfume Bottle
Drawing a Perfume Bottle with colored pencils (Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet)

Drawing a Perfume Bottle

By bluekasumi | hanakotoba | 24 Apr 2020

Hello everyone,

this my first post on Publish0x! I've been on the platform since late January and a daily reader. Now, I was finally brave enough to apply as an author and am very happy to have been accepted.

I am mainly an artist. I work as a graphic designer and illustrator, but privately I yearn to create and draw whatever I feel truly interested in.
So, I started a youtube channel, which is a dream project of mine. I am still working hard for this everyday.

Living off of what I like doing would be the most amazing thing. I know it's hard, but I am always hopeful.

Thanks for coming by my post. :)

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Graphic designer and illustrator sharing my art, photography and more. youtube.com/c/hanakotoba33


I love creating Art, Photography and more. I also have a YouTube channel, so please take a look: youtube.com/c/hanakotoba33

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