Blooming Sakura Branch Painting
Macro shot of acrylic painting of cherry blossoms

Blooming Sakura Branch Painting

By bluekasumi | hanakotoba | 1 May 2020

Acrylic Painting of Sakura Tree Branch with golden background golden Painting of Sakura Tree Branch with golden background

Hello everyone,

this is a painting I made a few years ago. It was still winter, when I painted it and was a gift for my grandma.
It's made with acrylics on canvas and it's 1 m x 0,35 m in dimension.

I don't know if you can experience springtime outside at the moment. I also can't visit my grandma and don't know, if she is experiencing it right now.
But that painting is hanging on her wall, so I hope that it's a way for her to enjoy spring time.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.


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