The Lone Spreader

I was looking around in a junk drawer and ran across an old and beat up Butter / Spreading Knife. Since it didn't look like any utensils in the kitchen, I assumed it was an orphan. My curiosity started bubbling and decided to see if I could find out where the "Lone Spreader" came from.

My father said it looked like the old knife he used to work on 8-Track tapes. On it's origin, all he could remember was, "It just was an old knife that floated around junk drawers and toolboxes."

Like father like son, I ended up using it as prying tool around the house. From helping with a sticking car hood, to helping assemble an weed eater, it's been pretty handy. So I thought I'd do an art project based on my hand me down "tool".



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HamondStrabwary Art
HamondStrabwary Art

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