Pumpkin Spice

With October is just around the bend, tis the season for everything to covered in Pumpkin Spice. So I thought I would join in on the madness with this Mixed Media piece. LOL


The "spicy" sky background was done with markers. And I used a felt tip pen and markers to create the silhouette of trees and a pumpkin. Plus I "sprinkled" some digital enhancemnents to the colors.

Thought I'd do a little something different with the way i usually sign my art digitally. While I have used the style of font before, I decided to add a shiney raised letter effect. And of course, done in a Pumpkin like hue.

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HamondStrabwary Art
HamondStrabwary Art

Sharing my mixed media art and writing about various things connected to each piece.

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