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Is DungeonSwap P2E profitable? Click inside to see more! (ROI calculations and Tips)

By GameFiH2 | h2crypto | 3 Nov 2021

DungeonSwap P2E(V2) launched on 10/31. After the first 3 rounds played in Ancient Dungeon(P2E gameplay), I got some information and data willing to share with you "Adventurers"! Hope this article helps your expedition and win big rewards!

If you are new to DungeonSwap or even GameFi, you may want to read the DungeonSwap Wiki to know more first.

The Dungeons Are Alive?

Currently it's on the Grand Opening rounds so the rewards are especially awesome. 


And according to DS Wiki Tokenomics: A sustainable GameFi Design, the P2E rewards comes from:

  • Relics Sales (The required NFT to play P2E game)
  • The $DND generated by DND-BUSD LP from above sale
  • Special reward provided by DS Team

So the rewards of the Ancient Dungeon will vary for each round depending on the economy changes. When the rewards become lower, theoretically some players will pass the round so the Expected Rewards(Check below image) of each player are higher.


On the contrary if the rewards are getting higher, more people will want to take part so the Expected Rewards will also be reasonable. 

Keep this in mind then you won't panic when the reward is down or over-excited when the reward is up.

Apart from Ancient Dungeon(PlayToEarn), I think Classic Dungeon(RiskToEarn) is alive as well. I noticed the rewards / win rate / cost of special attacks are slightly different from my different plays. It could be from fine-tuning from the DS Team or from system auto-balance.

I personally love this change because DungeonSwap games are DYNAMIC now and cannot be explained by a single table with fixed values. Check my previous article about old V1 gameplay and you'll know what I mean.

Is DungeonSwap P2E Profitable?

For the first 3 rounds I played, there was a total of 12759 / 12839 / 12830 $DND (around 23000u for each) distributed to all participated players. 

You can always check Total Reward and Top Players of previous rounds through Leaderboard. 

I intentionally tried 2 times by pretending I have only one Relic which means I can only play once. If I get defeated then I get a low score.

And also in round 2 I would like to show THE REAL ME. Here are the $DND returns from my previous plays:

Pending $DND Rewards

Not bad right? A total of 435.94 DND pending to Harvest. If I don't harvest now it will work as Staking so that I earn extra rewards. From the current number I think it's about 17%-18% after 30 days, which means a 204%-216% APR! 

If you are familiar with DeFi single token staking, you'll know this 200%+ APR is insane! In this perspective, I recommend keeping your rewards in Dungeon to boost your earnings.

ROI Calculation

Continuing from the previous section, I won 5.2 / 427.23 / 3.51 $DND. If we want to calculate ROI we need to know our initial cost.

To be honest I am the winner of the previous Relic Airdropped event, so for round 1 and 3 I am cost-free to play. Which means I earned 8.71 $DND(13u) for free in just 2 plays. And as long as DungeonSwap is alive, I can use my Airdropped Relic forever(finally it will decay to 1 play per month, but still good).

And how about the 400+ $DND(640u) I won in round 2? I spent 10 energy across different Relics to get Rank 3. 

In Ancient Dungeon, as long as you get Relic with energy available you can "Revive" in the dungeon when defeated. In other words, I revived myself 10 times and got a pretty good score.

Back to the Topic of ROI, it's really hard to estimate ROI from now because there are so many variables inside the game. The number of players participating, the total rewards according to game economy, the NFT you get to see if you can get maximum win rate... all these affect final returns.

What I can tell you now is "Return on Energy". I get 640u by consuming 10 energy of my Relics. So for a rough estimation, I can get 64u per Relic energy assuming the total rewards and number of players are the same.

How about your RoE? Share with me.

Top 10 rank and bonus only belong to big players?

Let history explain itself. For the first round the top 1 winner only has 3 Relics and he won 1000+ DND (1500u)! Check on this video to see how lucky he is!

NFT, Luck and Strategy

There are still many things I'd like to share but I don't want to create a heavy article. Simply put I want to conclude DungeonSwap in three main characteristics:

  • NFT: Purchase the Relic and earn $DND back forever(Never broken, only decay). Good NFT equipment could stabilize your performance.
  • Luck: Need to "roll dice" for each battle. And your final score depends on the number you rolled.
  • Strategy: Do I need to play this round? Should I escape the dungeon to save my high score or continue for better? 

And the game is still evolving. I can see the DS Team is fine-tuning every aspect of the game to make it sustainable and enjoyable.

What's Next?

Community is expecting the in-house Marketplace to be opened soon. So that players can exchange NFT to gear up themselves or get some $DND in return for other usages.

Also Smithy is a key feature described on the roadmap that allows players to forge low-tier NFT to high-tier ones. 

And from the 11/1 AMA we know that "The Realm" is under design. Some people guess it's about PvP gameplay. We'll see. :)


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My GameFi Diary - to record how I participated in GameFi industry, ideas plus opinions and what could be achieved in the promising future metaverse.


A GameFi Diary - to record how I participated in GameFi industry, ideas plus opinions, and what could be achieved in the future metaverse.

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