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By GameFiH2 | h2crypto | 20 May 2022



BinaryX is an innovative decentralized derivatives trading protocol that transformed into a GameFi project in August 2021. According to the statistics from BSCDaily, it was the second most traded metaverse project on 16 May, with daily transaction volume amounting to $46 million. They have recently unveiled the latest version of its roadmap and events.

As a sustainable GameFi project, the governance token $BNX performs very well in the current traditional/crypto economy crisis. In February of 2022 the price of $BNX went from $20 to $100 in April. During April BitCoin dipped from 43000 to 24500 while $BNX was merely back around $85 and now appreciates to $120 at the writing moment.


For Gamers


A blockchain-based Metaverse MMORPG where DeFi rules are gamified.

You have to mint or buy NFT from the marketplace in order to play the dungeon game. There are 6 dungeon levels with different difficulties for players to choose. Thanks to the novel rebalanced economy, players who find best timing per blockchain characteristics could earn more $BNX while the ecosystem itself can keep healthy.


A Cyber ​​series card game with free to play and play to earn elements.

You'll receive a set of random cards for each game and make the best strategy to fight your opponents by considering their card formation. Compete the leaderboard to top 50 or has a score of 700 to share the weekly rewards of 250 $BNX (~30,000 USD as price of May 20)

The playing mechanism is really simple. Check on your rival's deck first. I recommend targeting cards which have high attack but low HP. Take the following example, it could be a good choice to knock down the Rogue(13) first by Ranger's skill "Flame Spear".



After knowing your enemy, now it's time to arrange your deck. You can click on each card to see the skill details. There are attacking skills while some are for controlling such as "Chain Trap" which can lock a card from doing anything for 1 round.


And the position of each card matters. Sometimes it's a good idea to avoid your rival's skills. For example "Flame Spear" or "Judgement" target the counterpoint card, you can easily make them useless by not arranging cards to fight against in the same position.

The following screenshot demonstrates how I empty position number 7 which will be attacked by my opponent's "Flame Spear".


There are more strategies that can be found and made for each game. I'll leave them to you to discover!

And this lightweight game has brought BinaryX to the next stage. Binance just onboarded BinaryX to their live channel. We can expect when PvP mode is online there will be some more interesting things happening.

For Investors

  • How to buy BNX Guide A Binance article teaches you how to buy $BNX.
  • NFT trading BinaryX's official marketplace to trade in-game NFTs including heroes and equipments.

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My GameFi Diary - to record how I participated in GameFi industry, ideas plus opinions and what could be achieved in the promising future metaverse.


A GameFi Diary - to record how I participated in GameFi industry, ideas plus opinions, and what could be achieved in the future metaverse.

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