Remember Cashback on Amazon Prime Day (UK)
Remember Cashback on Amazon Prime Day (UK)

Amazon Prime Day starts tomorrow and if you are like me you'll be about to buy something whether you want to or not. I'll get straight onto the point of the post, and thats to cover 2 cashback sites that offer cashback on Amazon purchases, I hope people out there find this useful and get some cashback!



Whilst I do have a kid and I do put the cashback money into his account, you dont need a kid to sign up (and that is in the FAQ's as fine). The site typically has 2% Cashback on Amazon UK purchases, but right now is giving 3% (I dont know how long that is going to to go for). To get the cashback you log in to the site as you, follow their link to Amazon and then make your purchase as normal. I find it takes 3 to 5 days for the transaction to track, and then about a month for the money to then be withdrawable. Withdraws go straight to your nominated bank account.

They do have cashback on a whole raft of other sites too, from John Lewis to Just Eat. Signing up isn't much of a faff, if you want to use my referral link you welcome to do so and it would be well appreciated; 


I have used TopCashBack for years and it has a huge list of afiliate sites so I check it before making online purchases/bookings and a lot of the time it turns up a result. Cashback for Amazon is not a flat rate % of your basket unlike KidStart, instead it varies by department. The amounts can change from time to time but right now they are;

Jewellery - 10%
Watches - 10%
Car & Motorbike - 6%
Pet Products - 6%
Personal Care Appliances - 6%
Patio, Lawn and Garden - 6%
Kitchen & Dining - 6%
Kindle Devices - 3%
Fire Tablets - 3%
Echo Devices - 3%
Fire TV Devices - 3%
Smartphones and Mobile Phones - 1%

I find that the time it takes for your purchase to track on TopCashBack is quicker than KidStart, but the time taken before you can do a withdrawl will vary depending on which website you are buying from. I have had some like where the payout is available in a few weeks to some other sites where it can take 2 months. As well as being able to pay out to a bank account you can also chose to be paid out in otherways and get % bonus on the value of the payout, for example 12% for Pizza Hut vouchers.

If this is sounding good and you want to head over and check them out, then again I have an affiliate link just from having my own account and using it would be much appreciated; 

Enjoy the sales!


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