Why I Love TRON (TRX)

Why I Love TRON (TRX)


I first went to TRX because of the low fees on transfers and transactions.


So when i have to withdraw my cryptos from any place (microwallets, exchange markets etc ...)

i convert them to TRX and then pay max 1 TRX (0.14$) for the transfer.


But TRON blockchain have many more advantages.


It hosts more than 34k tokens including the stable Tether USDT (TRC20).


Transferring TRX from a wallet to another should cost nothing if you have enough bandwidth, example:




It may cost a bit if you have no more free bandwidth available, then TRX are burned to produce bandwidth:




Bandwidth is refilled for free every day up to 5000, far from enough for an individual user.


Some transaction in TRX or transfers in USDT cost energy in addition to bandwidth, example:




You can get free energy freezing some TRX on your wallet, look i have 101897 energy for 3200 TRX frozen:




Practically i never pay any gas fee for my transfers/transactions.


Another advantage of TRX is that by freezing your tokens you get voting rights for super representatives you can choose in a list:




Every frozen TRX gives you a vote, you can spread them among SR and choose the best APR.

The reward can be claimed every day:




You can therefore at the same time do staking on your own wallet, with your own keys and benefit from free transactions / transfers.


All of this can be done directly at https://tronscan.io/ 

(For ease I use TronLink wallet to connect.)


My screenshots have been taken there on random transfers https://tronscan.io/#/blockchain/transfers


There is a lot of information on this site and you can even register your own token on the blockchain ! https://tronscan.io/#/tokens/create/Type


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