Image from a trip in Moorea island French Polynesia

SCAM alert on TRON blockchain


Hi you may have received unexpected coins on your TronLink wallet those days.


They are called BAL, FIST, OZBT, UME, NXM and probably more.


They all have a link to a web site visible when you click on the coin in


Let's look at the last coin received:




If you go to the site you find something looking like a swap site, and surprise the 749 NXM token you received for free worth 68196 $ LOL.


You can take a break and laugh asking yourself do they think i'm so stupid to believe that ?


But as they send those coins to more than 100.000 people, they have a chance to get some fish.


It is a phishing scam.


Because to swap your NXM tokens to TRX they ask you to log into your TronLink wallet in a well imitated false tab that open, even if your TronLink wallet is already open, then they steal your ID and password:




As you can see, by security, i loaded a wallet i call TrashTron where i send all those annoying scam tokens.


Be careful with those "gifts" you may receive on Tron wallet, and always google search "name of the token" + "scam" before doing anything.


The thumb image is from a trip in Moorea Island (French Polynesia), during a hike I came across this sign and wondered if I should continue ...

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