Is AlienWorlds a game or a lottery/faucet now ?


With its listing on Binance, the Trillium (TLM) mined on Alienworlds saw its price explode, although it has come down in recent days.

To limit the massive influx of bots into mining, captchas have been introduced each time you claim your TLM.

The game looks more and more like a sort of TLM faucet:




But from my point of view it also looks like a lottery, where you can win nice prizes, the NFTs.

The mining NFTs especially have increased in value, here is a nice lot from the lottery that I just sold:



There are NFTs that are worth much more, you can follow the drops on this link in real time.

However, we can wonder where the game is, the development of PVP (Thunderdome) is long overdue.


Other games that use the WAX blockchain suffer from the introduction of captchas to the point of becoming unplayable.

So I see that the price of WAX on exchanges has dropped.



This is all very disappointing, but how can you complain when you can easily earn so much money?




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