AlienWorlds TLM price analysis (Teleport or not ?)


The teleport tool is now open and we can convert Trilium (TLM) mined on AlienWorlds from WAX blockchain (eosio.token) to Binance smartchain (BEP20).


The price of TLM (BEP20) was up to 6$ on MXC exchange before the opening of the Teleport and the market exchange on Binance today.


Now the price of TLM is around 0.6$.


At the same time, the TLM/WAX market reopened on Alcor Exchange, the TLM price there is around 2 WAX, worth 0.5$.


So for the moment, it is more interesting to use the teleport for large amounts of TLM.


For small amounts, as anyway the minimum to use Teleport is 100 TLM, it's better to use Alcor Exchange to get WAX, then send this WAX to an exchange like Kucoin and trade it there.

You will save the transfer fees from Binance Smart Chain.



My experience:

For a 238 TLM teleport to Metamask i paid 0.000851955 BNB so 0,46$ and from Metamask to 0.000183215 BNB so 0,10$.

Then i traded on MXC exchange 238 TLM to 165 USDT, and 165 USDT to 1245 TRX , finally  withdrawed  to my Tronlink wallet (only 1TRX fee).

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