[Alien Worlds] Gems from Naron

Gems from Naron



Hello miners!

Our first collection is now complete! with 20 different gems! You can check them by clicking here 

You might might already be aware that mining on our mountains in Naron, you will be able to find GEMS!
Those NFT rewards are additional to any other reward that that the game is already providing.
All our 20 gems in the first edition have a max mint of 128.

Our mountains, in which you can find those gems are only the following:

  • Icy mountains 36;16 (Naron)
  • Mountains 21;5 (Naron)

These NFTs are in ADDITION to the usual rewards you already get by mining in Alien Worlds with only 4% fee!

  • 20% of the fees on the total TLM earned in all our lands will be awarded to ALL players who have completed our 1st collection!
  • Be the first to complete our 1st collection and you will have all 20% for you!
  • The shared TLM prize will be sent out weekly, we will check the possession of the entire collection before sending the prize to you
  • The prize will be sent for the first time on May 9th, after which every week
  • When other players have completed the collection the prize will be divided among all the players who will be in possession
  • The prizes of the 2nd edition, as well as any future prize will not affect the 20% prize dedicated to the 1st edition, this 20% of the pool will remain FOREVER dedicated to the 1st edition
  • If you complete the 1st collection we will notice it, but you can always contact Davih # 3553 on Discord or @Davidegzz on telegram to let us know
  • Currently 0 players have completed their 1st collection, be the first!


Follow us on https://narongems.live/ for news, events and Giveaway!



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