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What is DePIN in Crypto?

By Guarda Wallet | Guarda Wallet Blog | 21 May 2024

In the constantly changing world of blockchain, a new and promising category of projects has emerged: DePIN, which stands for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks. But what exactly is DePIN in crypto, and why is it generating so much buzz among venture capitalists and technology enthusiasts alike?

Explore DePIN’s meaning in the crypto world and DePIN crypto project examples with Guarda Wallet Academy. Find out how Guarda supports DePIN projects by providing the ability to manage tokens and coins without complexities through digital wallets like Render (RNDR) walletBitTorrent (BTT) walletMultiverseX (EGLD) walletGolem (GLM) walletLISK (LSK) walletAnkr (ANKR) wallet and more.

DePIN Meaning

What is DePIN? It leverages blockchain to manage decentralized physical infrastructures. Such infrastructures can range from wireless networks to data storage systems, all maintained and expanded by a network of participants who are incentivized via DePIN tokens. By shifting control and upkeep of these physical systems to a decentralized model, DePIN projects strive to develop infrastructures that are more efficient, cost-effective, and robust than those built on conventional centralized frameworks.

Key Examples of DePIN Projects

  1. Helium (HNT):
    Helium operates a decentralized network of wireless hotspots that deliver internet access to IoT devices. Users can establish hotspots and receive HNT tokens as incentives for their contributions to the network. This DePIN crypto model not only democratizes network access but also lowers the cost and complexity associated with traditional telecommunication infrastructure.

  2. Filecoin (FIL):
    Filecoin offers a decentralized data storage solution where users can rent out their unused hard drive space to others. Built on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), Filecoin incentivizes participants with FIL tokens for providing storage and retrieval services. This DePIN blockchain tech improves data safety and accessibility while reducing reliance on centralized data centers.

  3. Render Network (RNDR):
    Render Network transforms digital graphics rendering by leveraging unused GPU power from users worldwide. Participants distribute rendering tasks over the network and receive RNDR tokens in return, which speeds up the process and makes high-quality rendering more accessible, exemplifying the innovation of DePIN crypto projects.

  4. Akash Network (AKT):
    Akash Network provides decentralized cloud computing services. Users can lease out their unused computing resources to receive AKT tokens. This enables access to computing power on demand in alternative to basic cloud providers, highlighting the potential of DePIN tokens in RWAs.

  5. BitTorrent (BTT):
    BitTorrent is a well-known P2P file-sharing protocol that has integrated blockchain tech to incentivize network participation. By using BTT tokens, BitTorrent speeds up the file-sharing process and rewards people for contributing their bandwidth and storage resources, further illustrating what is DePIN in crypto.

  6. MultiversX (EGLD):
    MultiversX, previously known as Elrond, is a highly scalable and safe blockchain platform designed for distributed apps and enterprise use cases. It provides a decentralized infrastructure that supports a wide range of apps, embodying DePIN blockchain principles.

  7. Flux (FLUX):
    Flux is a decentralized cloud infrastructure that enables developers to deploy and manage decentralized applications (dApps) across a network of independent nodes, embodying the core principles of DePIN blockchain tech.

  8. Ankr (ANKR):
    Ankr provides a decentralized infrastructure for cloud computing. By utilizing idle computing resources from data centers and edge devices, Ankr offers a cost-effective and scalable solution for cloud services, illustrating what is DePIN in crypto development.

  9. Golem (GLM):
    Golem operates as a decentralized supercomputer, allowing users to lease out idle computing power. This platform facilitates complex tasks like scientific simulations and machine learning, offering a scalable and economical alternative to conventional computing methods. This showcases what is DePIN in the realm of crypto development.

The Potential and Challenges of DePIN


  • Cost Efficiency: By decentralizing architecture, crypto DePIN projects can lower the costs associated with supporting physical systems.
  • Scalability: The decentralized nature allows for rapid scaling as more participants join the network, highlighting the potential of DePIN blockchain solutions.
  • Innovation: DePIN opens up new possibilities for creating services and apps that were previously not feasible under centralized models, showcasing the innovative potential of DePIN crypto projects.


  • User Adoption: Despite significant investment and interest, many DePIN projects struggle to attract a large user base. The success of projects hinges on adoption and participation, a common challenge for DePIN crypto coins.
  • Volatility: The value of tokens used to incentivize participants can be highly volatile, affecting the stability and attractiveness, posing a risk for DePIN coins.
  • Regulatory Risks: Operating physical infrastructures across different jurisdictions can lead to complex regulatory challenges that DePIN projects must navigate, affecting the future of DePIN tokens.

Managing DePIN Tokens with Guarda Wallet

Guarda Wallet ( supports a wide range of crypto DePIN projects with the tools to manage their DePIN coins effectively. With Guarda Wallet, you can easily storebuy, and exchange a variety of DePIN-related cryptocurrencies.

In addition to secure storage through Render (RNDR) wallet, BitTorrent (BTT) wallet, Storj (STORJ) wallet, Golem (GLM) wallet, Holo (HOT) wallet, Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) wallet, Ankr (ANKR) wallet, Lisk (LSK) wallet, MultiversX (EGLD) wallet, and more, Guarda Wallet offers features that make it easy to buy DePIN-related cryptocurrencies with fiat and exchange crypto to crypto. For instance, you can easily swap BTT for other cryptocurrencies or purchase BTT using traditional payment methods, showcasing the practical applications of DePIN crypto coins.


DePIN meaning signifies a groundbreaking method for overseeing physical infrastructures through the utilization of blockchain technology.  While challenges remain, the growing interest and investment in DePIN projects suggest an optimistic future.

Guarda Wallet supports these pioneering DePIN crypto projects by offering user-friendly solutions for managing DePIN coins, making it easier for users to engage with this new wave of decentralized innovation. This comprehensive support helps answer the question, What is DePIN in crypto? and showcases the practical applications and advantages of this field.

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