CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab Browser

By Grumpybrit | Grumpy Rant | 23 May 2020

I've wrote about the browser before but I would like to post proof that they do payout, please see below picture.


I would of posted earlier but for some reason the payment wasn't showing in the history till I checked today, may have been there for weeks, I just haven't felt the need to check as I was paid.

Excluding the mining, the browser is light weight and quick, all chrome extensions work great, in the last update they added Cloud boost, you have to login via google to activate it.  I took a look to see what it was all about, main goal is to charge $ for more H/s this is as far has I went, not a fan of paying if I'm being honest.

Yeah not the best way to mine BTC but if set up correctly will allow mining while the machine is idol, plus you have the referral system which helps.  I've been running this on a 3rd Gen intel i5 I only get 3000H/s which this month as made me $2 plus $2 from my mining network (referrals) it's happily mining while I write this post, I've even streamed while it's mining and I never noticed any problems.

It's a clean and easy way to mine some BTC and pays.

If you have a modern CPU you should make a lot more than I am, so if you are interested I'll leave my referral here.  Once you have signed up, grab your referral link and build your own mining network.


Thank you for your time, please feel free to leave a like or a comment.



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Grumpy Rant
Grumpy Rant

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