How to apply for the Thriving Virtual Summit 2020 (25 plus farmers share their knowledge on farming)

Do not miss out a free virtual farmers summit from 25 and more farmers as they share their top tips for
thriving as a farmer.
Lately farming is changing rapidly, learn from experts on how to profit and thrive in the coming years.

Image may contain: 7 people, possible text that says 'Winter Edition THRIVING THRIV FARMER VIRTUAL SUMMIT FREE EVENT 25+ SPEAKERS AKER Learn from farming leaders in this free online conference to GROW YOUR FARM'

What to benefit from this summit as an organic farmer.

How farmers, who are in the trenches trying new things, are EXPLODING their sales and rapidly going full-time with their farming dreams.

Deep dives into easy to grow, new, and specialty crops that attract new customers and provide massive opportunity in untapped markets.

An honest look at where the regenerative farming movement is headed, giving you a clear picture of what customers are looking for so you can produce what they want and profit in 2020.

​How to hire and train your team to prevent burnout and ease the daily farm stresses.


What to learn during this summit

  • From Joel Salatin on just what it takes to become a thriving farmer
  • From an amazing FarmHer in Las Vegas who is changing how her city thinks about farming and local food
  • ​Five signs of farm financial health from a chef turned number cruncher
  • ​From a former Navy nuclear engineer who is crushing it with innovative microgreens in the Houston area
  • ​From Charlotte Smith on three steps to a profitable farm…I promise they are easier than you think
  • ​A former electrician who's using his accidental foray into value-added products to get his foot in the door with the best chefs in Augusta, Maine
  • ​From Curtis Stone on the highlights and takeaways of his 2019 twenty-state farm tour
  • ​Just what is "farm fusion" and how farmers are profiting from it with Nick Burton
  • ​William Padilla-Brown shares how to get started with mushroom in your backyard or basement for pennies.
  • ​Ben Falk on 10 strategies he’s using to farm wildlife in northern Vermont
  • ​How Corinna Bench increased her customer retention from 65% to 78% in just one year
  • ​25 other speakers on everything from value added…to hemp…to knowing if your business is profitable…increasing profits at CSA and Farmers’ Markets…and So. Much. More!

Want to apply? Just use the link below;

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Go organic, grow organic and eat organic.

We love you!

Thank you
Julius M

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Pure Organic Farming Inputs

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Growing Organic Thai Sun Hot Peppers pk/10

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