Gridcoin Fern update Released

By yanis | gridcoin | 4 Sep 2020

In a recent article, I said that a gridcoin big update was upcoming. I wanted to say that it's now live and can be downloaded on github.



This release gave many improvements to "little stakers" who wouldn't be able to stake often, because of unclaimed BOINC rewards (rewards earned before you find a block) doesn't expire anymore (with the 4.x.x.x releases, unclaimed rewards expired after 6 month).

Unused functions were also removed, so executable is now lighter than before.



Thanks to @Jim Owens@Cycy, who made so much of the software,  @Ravon@Tomaash@Ifoggz and @Barton26 (for their big help), and also to anyone that helped gridcoin project by coding, writing or anything else !

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