IOTA Is in Hiring Spree - A Sign That Gives Me More Confidence in The Project

IOTA Is in Hiring Spree - A Sign That Gives Me More Confidence in The Project

By Da_Sound | greenbull | 12 Aug 2019

The bulk of my portfolio is Bitcoin (BTC) - just good ol’ bitcoin that I know is going up in value in the years to come. The rest of my assets are an assortment of tokens, of which IOTA is one.


I’ve only recently started getting into the nitty gritty of IOTA’s work, which is quite fascinating. The Tangle tech puts it in a good position to be one of those projects to continue surviving as (almost inevitable) altcoin purges occur over the next decade or so. 

Besides the tech, there’s one other thing that I’ve noticed that shows the project picking up speed and moving forward: several new hires since June 2019.

Why Does That Give Me Confidence in the Project?

The IOTA project has been on a hiring spree, welcoming in a string of new members since only June of this year. I think the total number of new hires is 9 - a huge number in a span of only a few months. This is the list of all the new hires:

  • Jonathan Shaffer - Senior Electrical Engineer
  • Begoña Alvarez - Frontend Developer
  • Dieter Kondek - Advisory Board member
  • Louay Kamel - Software Engineer, Permanode
  • Evaldas Drąsutis - Engineering team
  • Dr. Bing-Yang Lin - Senior Software Engineer
  • Duncan Main - Junior Project Manager, Projects and Partners Team
  • Jake Cahill - Technical Writer, Ecosystem
  • Samuel Rufinatscha - Software Engineer, Ict and Beet Team

What’s really amazing is that this is only a portion of all of the hires made this year!

This is a really good sign, as it shows that the project is expanding, clear on what its goals are. Additionally, it means that the team has the funds to grow and develop the ecosystem - of which IOTA already has a pretty good track record, having managed partnerships with multiple big name automobile companies like Volkswagen.

IOTA is a highly popular project that is working on some cutting edge technology. The project’s Tangle speeds up as more users join the network. The project is currently preparing its coordicide upgrade - which would kill the coordinator on its network and make the network more decentralized. 

In any case, both the tech and the new hires give me much to think about. IOTA is an extremely promising project with real potential in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. In fact, I don’t see it as having many competitors if everything goes alright for the project - Ethereum is perhaps one, but I think both of these projects will have their applications in different industries. 

I hope IOTA manages to achieve its ambitions - it’s very promising technology led by a solid team.


The market is only going one way and THAT IS UP!

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