Chainlink is on a Hiring Spree - A Sign that Gives Me More Confidence in the Project

Chainlink is on a Hiring Spree - A Sign that Gives Me More Confidence in the Project

By Da_Sound | greenbull | 27 May 2020

There is a strong buzz within Chainlink and this makes me really happy to the point I have started to load up on my holdings. I expect this thing to go much higher over the course of the next 6-months.

The decentralized oracle service, Chainlink, is actually on an immense hiring spree right now as they look to expand their operations. Chainlink has actually been at the forefront of the crypto sphere for the entire year as they continue to make great partnerships to integrate their decentralized oracle into different platforms.

When you are expanding as quickly as Chainlink is, you most certainly do need a bigger team. This is great news for any LINK holders out there and it is a sign that makes me kind of excited and gives me increased confidence in the project.

Why you ask? 

Well, Chainlink would only be expanding so rapidly if they were confident that their network would continue to grow. It wouldn’t make sense for Chainlink to expand their team if they were not actively making their own project better. Whilst lots of projects out there have been cutting costs and laying people off, Chainlink is taking a different approach and are welcoming new members to their team on a consistent basis.


A quick look at their Careers page shows that they have a bunch of positions open that will allow you to be part of the lovely and happy team pictured above. 

So, What Are They Looking For?

Chainlink hiressource:

Well, it seems that they have a number of marketing and engineering posts open. These include;

  • Director of Chainlink Business Development and Global Sales
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Senior Security Engineer
  • Chainlink Developer Evangelist
  • Chainlink Cloud Reliability Engineer
  • Blockchain Engineer to handle Integrations
  • Lead Developer in Test on Chainlink
  • Product Manager, Blockchain Integrations
  • Technical Chainlink Documentation Writer
  • Head of Communications
  • Director of Business Development (CHINA)

As you can see, there is a wide range of options open. The blockchain integration manager and developer positions make perfect sense considering the fact that they have an overwhelming number of integrations lined up. The director of business development and global sales also makes perfect sense because Chainlink’s partners are blockchain projects that are worldwide.

One of the most interesting positions in the director of business development for China. This shows that Chainlink is trying to expand into the region and create partnerships with Chinese enterprises, blockchain projects, and data providers. 

Chainlink Continues To Make Great Progress

It is definitely a very exciting time within the Chainlink infrastructure. The team has certainly been able to increase the number of projects, data providers, node operators, and developers that are using its services over the past few months. This is proven by the number of integrations that hey keep announcing on Twitter. 

Putting that to the side for a few moments, I really want to mention the extraordinary marketing that the team has been doing to get its name out there within Asia.

Asia Exposure Through A Multi-City Journey

In late 2019 Chainlink went on a multi-city trip across Asia to accelerate the adoption of their service.

They attended the Invest: Asia2019 conference in Singapore in which they presented on the mainstage to talk about how they connect their smart contracts to off-chain resources. In addition to this, they conducted a bunch of interviews at the event to further increase awareness. 


Thir trip then took them to China, where they already have a strong presence and a dedicated Chinese-based team;


Over their time in China, they attended Shanghai Internation Blockchain Week where they presented alongside the likes of Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum) and Jae Kwon (Cosmos).


In addition to these blockchain events they also hosted a bunch of meetups in China. One, in particular, included a meetup with Harmony protocol, Nervos Network, imToken, and Bytom.


After finishing up in China, the Chainlink team then went on to gain exposure within South Korea, a country that is rife with technology adoption. The team hosted themselves at a booth to give multiple interviews and they also gave a speech at D.Fine during the Korea Blockchain week to explain their off-chain capable smart contracts.

In addition to this, they also hosted a meetup with Kyber Network, Tezos, and to discuss how blockchain can bridge the gap between decentralized networks and the real world. 


They even decided to open an office in South Korea after spending their trip there. 

Their last stop was Japan as they went to Devcon 5 in Osaka. It was here that they announced a collaboration with Intel, Hyperledger, and the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance on the Trusted Compute Framework. They also revealed the new Price Reference Data Oracle Network to follow LINK, BTC, ZRX, USDC, REP, and BAT on the Devcon mainstage.


Lastly, the team enjoyed a well deserved happy hour after such a long trip across the continent!


A Flood Of New Integrations 

Quickly going back to the integrations that they keep announcing on Twitter - there are so many of them. The following are some of the exciting integrations that they have recently announced.

For starters, DigitexFutures integrated Chainlink’s Price Reference Data as an anchor to make its service more secure and transparent. This actually makes Digitex the first futures exchange to use decentralized oracles;

Another great integration is that with Klaytn, the public blockchain for Kakao. Klaytn will integrate with Chainlink to connect with resources outside of the blockchain with real-world data. 

There is a whole bunch of other integrations that you can look into directly announced on the Chainlink Twitter page.

Integrating into DeFi

Perhaps the most exciting thing for me about Chainlink right now is their continued focus on the DeFi space.

We all know DeFi is going to grow into an unstoppable monster within the cryptocurrency industry and if Chainlink can cement themselves as one of the leading oracle providers here then this will surely cause LINK to explode further. 

Through the integration of their Price Reference Data for DeFi, Chainlink has the chance to be the leading data provider for every single DeFi project out there. 

They already have a bunch of integrations to provide off-chain data to these DeFi networks for different fiat pairings;


Furthermore, they have even more Price References Data for ETH pairings;


It is important to remember that this is not just a one-way street. Sure, Chainlink are growing quickly from these integrations but the DeFi space CANNOT grow without them. The Chainlink Price Reference Data oracle network expands the amount of secure and reliable data access for Ethereum dApps which, in turn, accelerates the rate at which new DeFi products can grow. 

DeFi needs this constant access to real-time market data, and Chainlink has the perfect solution for this need. 

Even the moguls of some of the largest crypto companies around have voiced their own opinion of how Chainlink will be for the DeFi realm;


This just goes to show that the leading CEOs in the space seem to have an overwhelming appreciation for the service that Chainlink provides.

When people know that the DeFi platform is receiving fair, honest, and transparent pricing data through a decentralized oracle like Chainlink, they are more likely to have the confidence to put their money in there. 

So, all-in-all, the Chainlink rocket is warming its thrusters up pretty nicely right now. If they can continue to expand at the rate that they have been doing so recently, then the only destination for this rocket is the moon!


The market is only going one way and THAT IS UP!

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