Cardano is on a Hiring Spree - A Sign that Gives Me More Confidence in the Project

By Da_Sound | greenbull | 14 Aug 2019

Cardano is a project that has high approval among the cryptocommunity, and even in polls has been shown to have the highest positive sentiment among the many projects in the market. Cardano is building a next generation blockchain platform that is scientifically vetted with a cutting edge Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm.


Just like the Internet of Things focused project IOTA, Cardano has hired a string of new personnel, which bodes very well for the project. This shows that the team has a clear vision with which they are directing the project, as well as the funds necessary to hire the right people to take the project a step further.

I personally have sizable investments in both projects, not just because they are solid projects led by solid teams, but because of the groundwork they are laying for the development of other industries and the decentralized finance ecosystem. 

Notable hires in recent months by Cardano include:

  • Hinrich Pfeifer - Foundation Director
  • Gianna Abegg - Legal Counsel
  • Andy Hendrikx, Ben O’Hanlon and Niels Schoof - Community Managers
  • Ye Ji Kim- Senior PR, Communications and Marketing Manager
  • Bakyt Azimkanov - Global PR, Communications and Marketing Manager

Interestingly, Cardano also clearly mentions when someone has left the project, which shows how transparent they are. Many projects are content to keep quiet, but Cardano is very open about how it is faring, both development and business wise.

Cardano Making Great Progress

Cardano is expected to launch the next phase of its project, Shelley, onto the mainnet in late 2019. Shelley would be a great step towards decentralization and bring about many other features as well. Following this will be more phases and founder Charles Hoskinson has said that Cardano has a lot that will achieve over the years to come.

Besides the development of Shelley, in the past few months, Cardano has achieved quite a lot, and that has been validated by such news as being voted in the Crypto Valley Top 50 report for the third time. In addition to being one of the top 50 blockchain companies, Cardano was also named one of six ‘unicorns’ in the space.

Apart from this, Cardano also gained support from Ledger and integration with the Yoroi wallet is also possible.

All of this together makes me very optimistic about Cardano, which is about as level-headed and focused a project as you can find in the market. The solid team, vision, transparency and steady, undeterred development makes Cardano one of the best investment options that a crypto enthusiast can have.

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