3 Undervalued Cryptocurrencies You Might Like In July 2019

3 Undervalued Cryptocurrencies You Might Like In July 2019

By Da_Sound | greenbull | 2 Jul 2019

Okay, I’m going to start a series that will hopefully grow over time (depending on how much time I have) What I’m trying to do is to make some crypto selections every once in a while. I think I’ve got some interesting ones :)

Well, I always say that, but there’s so much to analyze and consider. But as I’m trying to make this a regular thing, I want to approach it with some logic. I’ve picked three tokens that have very different functions. 


TRAC is a supply chain token that has been launched by OriginTrail. The mission of the team is to create a single integrated supply chain tracking platform for businesses, so that they don’t have to invest in building systems themselves. If you’ve read anything about crypto, then you’ll know that the supply chain is considered to be one of the most relevant applications for the technology. This is because a lot of the middlemen and paperwork in the industry (which still happens) can be removed with blockchain.

The trouble is that there are several blockchain supply chain solutions being made but they can’t really communicate with each other. This means that businesses will have a disparate and wide-ranging set of supply chain platforms to choose from - how do we know that a particular one is best suited for our needs?

That’s where TRAC comes in. It’s focus is on inter-organization capabilities, which will be necessary when blockchain-based supply chains become a common thing.


The price of TRAC is now $0.028 but it has been at all-time highs of $0.45, so if you think that this project has some potential, there is great money to be made. 


The Hydro project is popular on this website and I can kind of get why. The team at Hydro is building a fully realized ecosystem for P2P payments, remittances and much more with Hydro. Just the roadmap is enough to get you to thinking about the project. 

It’s that full approach to building an ecosystem that has me so hyped for the project. It’s built on a new standard, ERC-1484, which is digital identity-oriented, meaning all of the different features will be attached to each user’s verified identity. I like the projects that think long-term and Hydro seems to be meeting that criteria. 

The HYDRO token is at the value of $0.0015 with the all-time being $0.012. In recent times, the price has gone up and down but I’m super optimistic that the future will be an upward trend! And there’s some proof for that as the team has a great work ethic and the roadmap milestones are consistently being met.


Hydro also has a bounty program to earn some cash that way :)


ZRX is the token of the 0x platform and like some other projects that already exist, it is about a protocol that lets anyone to build a decentralized exchange or DEX. Sounds cool, right?

The motivation to make a protocol that would allow for easy decentralized trading comes from the team’s belief that there will be many, many Ethereum tokens in the future and that there will have to be a trustworthy and effective way to trade them. Hence 0x. 

0x is something like an enhancement to decentralized exchanges. I won’t get into the technical aspects of it, but it makes decentralized trades quicker and cheaper, which is EXACTLY what the crypto space needs right now, as more people get into it. 


ZRX is currently at $0.29 but the ATH has been at just under $2. Out of the tokens I’ve mentioned here, it’s clearly the most well known and most likely to hit new highs as the market enters a bull phase. The last few months have not been too kind to the token though, with the price mostly declining. Still, we’ve got to trust the development over time, right?!

So there’s probably a lot more tokens out there that could spike in value suddenly, but I’m sticking with these because they are good, and are good for the long-term as well, so even if doesn’t rise too much this month, it’ll happen soon (in my opinion anyway!). Keep an eye on them :)


The market is only going one way and THAT IS UP!

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