Today I stopped giving a F***

            Now Most of you have happening lives and might not have noticed that i was absent for quite some time. But for those few who would have wondered where was I? Well i was playing my part in this game called life. But not anymore. I have had enough and its about time i made some drastic changes.

            I want to do something that is virtually impossible for me. I want to challenge my limits and i want you all to accompany me on this journey. I have decided to undertake an epic cycling trip. The only problem is that I haven't  ridden a cycle in over 20 years. Yeah thats right 20 years. My body is in no shape but my mind is ready and thats enough for now. I will cover this adventure in three phases.

1. Starting with a short ride to find out how much my body can take. This trip will be of 100 km or 60 Miles. The Destination will be the Ancient Temple of Bhetargaon. Which is the Oldest Brick temple. 

Ancient Bhetargaon Temple

2. Second Trip will be to the Mysterious land of Kamasutra. The lost city of Khajuraho. This trip will be of 500 km or 310 miles.

Kamasutra city of Khajuraho


3 The final leg of the journey will be the toughest challenge. A journey in Himalayas. I honestly don't know how long this one is going to be. But we will find out. 


So stay tuned for what might be the worst descision of my life because there comes a time when you just stop giving a F...

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