LBRY will Surprise everyone.

LBRY will Surprise everyone.

         Although LBRY can be seen as a worthy substitute for YouTube but there is much more to LBRY than just that.


With over 2.5 million visits in April alone and support for over 46 International languages in the works this project is just getting started. The unique features of the Project:

  • Day 1 Monetization: It is one of the most eye catching feature and is probably what distinguishes it from YouTube. With the never ending grind of YouTube ( 4000hr and 1000 subscribers) to get monetized, LBRY has opened new avenues for the upcoming creators to build and showcase their talents or to Just express their views.
  • Censorship resistent: The Decentralized  and Censorship resistant nature of library network is the second most important feature. Although the average user is not concerned about these things but ask anyone who has been in this content creation game for some time as they know the implications of censorship and centralisation.
  • Community: LBRY has a very strong community behind it, sometimes even a bit tribal. It has over 70,000 discord members volunteering, participating and contributing to the project with surprising enthusiasm.

       All this is purely organic growth with not much spent on marketing, they are trusting the users and the subsequent word of mouth effect. Whether it is the right strategy or not only time will tell.

With the live streaming coming in late 2020 or sometime in early 2021 and something big in works regarding India with a potential of 1.4 billion users this is the project to keep an eye on.

   These were only the most important aspects of the LBRY project. There are a lot of things which i will be covering in future articles.

So follow if you haven't and leave a comment. Have you Used LBRY, if yes how was your experience?


I am a PhD scholar and Assistant Professor of Tourism and Hospitality with 15 years of experience in the industry and academia. I love publishing content on Travelling, Tourism and Hotels.

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