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By DeFi Man | Great Projects | 14 Jun 2019

KeePass is a password manager and one of my favorite projects!

First of all, why do I need a password manager, isn´t it unsafe to have all passwords stored in one place?
No, it isn´t! Let me explain why in this very common scenario:
1) A hacker or an insider leaks a database which contains user info, a combination of a username and a hashed password (a hash cannot be used as a password, nor can you convert a hash to your password in plain text, but it can be used to verify if the typed password is correct)
2) A hacker gets this database and tries to crack the hashes, this is done with trying out every combination
3) After a while, he will have cracked all weak passwords (for example, all passwords with 9 or fewer characters)
4) He will use all cracked accounts on many websites (Amazon, Google, your Bank and so on)
5) You are fucked.

Obviously, there are two different approaches to avoid this.
1) A secure password, this is important (please let me remind you that the most commonly used password is still 123456), I always use as many characters as the website allows me, at around 40 I feel quite safe (a secure password looks like this: |ey_<EatyYP^oZ4ej!\Zs0Z>Z5ou!:H8zOWd5b]R)
2) Do not use a password more than once.

This is impossible without a password manager


There are many password managers out there and each really improves your safety. But I'm here to recommend you my favorite one.
Now, why is KeePass the absolute best password manager available?

  • It is free
  • It is open source
  • It is available on every platform one can think of
  • It got tons of plugins which enable you to do anything
  • Your keys are stored where you want and not on a central server (which can get hacked too, and then your key file is exposed, if you used a weak password and yes this has happened in the past)
  • It is updated regularly

Here is the link:  

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