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*credit left to right: ESAD Open doors posters: Julian Lagoutte, Solène Lautridou & Sebastian Schmitt, K1M3R4 – Issue 01- Empathy Dystopias designed by Michael Clasen
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Created in 2018, the Apoc font was originally only an experimental project whose basic idea was to draw a font that can serve as a title for the Book of Revelation. Where does the name of the typeface come from? We find this font in the Revelations variants, Light, Dark, Light Italic and Dark Italic.

We can detect in the contrasts and finishing the characters a humanist inspiration that matches with the historical current from subject. We can therefore say of this font that she would be part of the font class contrasting dynamics with serif, according to the classification of Kupferschrift. (A version without serif also exists, but it will not be discussed here.)

If we are interested in the classification Vox, Apoc would be put in the Garaldes or Elzevirs category, through its fine lines and its contrasts which are rather weak.


* Lauren N. Bailey, Jabi Medina

The contrast in letters is present, therefore the thickness of the lines is rather fine. We can still perceive that the contrast axis is slightly diagonal. The slope tension which is very pronounced in some letters will reinforce this effect.

The main version of the police, Apoc Revelations, is almost identical to the Light version. The detail that sets them apart is the finish of the serifs. The serifs of the Light variant are drawn with straight lines, with Revelations they are curved.


Foundry website: blazetype.eu/apoc

Font specimen: here


*Apoc Specimen, Watching Paint Dry — Arvid Boecker by KontextKommunikation




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