Hydro - Next to explode - Technical analysis

Hydro - Next to explode - Technical analysis

By GranRethory | GranRethory | 6 May 2019




Hello friends, I tell you, since I entered the world of Publishot two days ago, several factors have given me curiosity, several I have consulted the administrator of this site, but there is something that I could not consult, and it is just , the future of Hydro and the projection in the medium and long term.

Let's start.




Although the graph does not give us much long-term information, we can speculate a bit with it.

At the technical level, hydro since it was listed in Bittrex has been forming a large Pennant, that is something positive where it is seen, in addition, we must take into account that it is constantly falling to values ​​close to 0, in end, 0 will bounce safely and sooner or later xD and that is a great news! xD

Returning to the graph we can see a large and serious divergence, accompanied by large volumes that appear suddenly and then disappear, for sure we can be talking about pure accumulation of this asset, then in simple, do not sell, just accumulate, accumulate even cost 1 satoshi, soon before expected, when spring comes to our entire ecosystem this coin will go to the moon.




You can see the progress of this analysis live through the following link






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