Bitcoin, to the moon? Part 2 - UPDATE

By GranRethory | GranRethory | 7 May 2019




Hello people, I have come to bring you an update of my first post here on this platform which was titled "Bitcoin, to the moon?"

In which, he spoke to them of a great possibility that in the following months, the price would lead to the averages in the monthly graph, in the BLX index of bitcoin that would cross and then thus start a new bullrun as it happened in the scenario of the year 2014.


The funny thing is that the emas have crossed with too much haste, so much that it has surprised me that it was so fast, in the following graph we can see how effectively they are crossed and ready to go up with force (they are all facing north) that starts to give me a big scare when opening SHORTS, because if the scenario is correct and I am right, the price will only go first to settle the longs abruptly, then suddenly the shorts and from there moon, so I recommend that Be very careful to operate in these weeks, do not leverage a lot, have patience and nerves of steel, as I see that soon the change will be.







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