6649.76% in 3 Months - Dismantling the scam

6649.76% in 3 Months - Dismantling the scam

By GranRethory | GranRethory | 23 May 2019




Hi guys, today I come to delight you with what seems to be one of the craziest scams of the crypt market.

As the title says, a currency 6649.76% in just 3 months.
How do I deal with this?
It turns out that today, checking the marketcap I find a token that in less than 3 months has gone up a disgusting 6649.76%




Which at the moment and ridiculously has seemed to find a roof, since it looks very exhausted.



Something peculiar to all this is the orderbook, seeing it gives a great feeling that something bad is happening there.



Capture the increase to madness according to Coinmarketcap.




But let's talk a little about this strange token


The same is called ThoreCOIN and it is commercialized for the moment in the exchange https://Crex24.com under the ticket "THR"
Exactly the address of the pair with bitcoin is: https://crex24.com/exchange/THR-BTC


Now, what's so special about this coin?

Sincerely NOTHING, only that it has a relatively low supply (about 100,000 in total) and at the moment it is in circulation according to coinmarketcap 86,686 THR   

Costing at the time of this publication 1,134.94USD



But it is a new currency, very new, its first thread in bitcointalk dates from 02/24/2018 and sincerely has nothing special.
Bitcointalk thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3013737.0
Technologically speaking nothing new, it is just a simple token based on Smart ERC20 standard, that is, ethereum.
It has nothing revolutionary in truth.
From what I read, they are just promises, nothing technical, nothing concrete.




The great lie:


According to coinmarketcap the supply in circulation is 86686 or 89.68% of the total.



however on its website it indicates only the surrounding 41%





A little information from your website ...

(Again, nothing in particular)





Official website of this scam



Additional note:

Apparently whoever launched this coin has also set up an exchange on which he is working, it is his responsibility to enter it or not. To me all this smells too bad, can I be wrong? of course, but the price in this currency is terribly ridiculous to be a project that in itself it does not provide anything new and is useless in particular.





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