Section 1 -- Article 2: The Drug Den
Section 1 -- Article 2: The Drug Den

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February 25th, 2012
Location: Las Santos, San Andreas

     The deal for the Cocaine made by Chase and Big Puff days earlier were paying off. Chase had every dealer in his crew selling the Coke by the Gram, and junkies were always coming back with nothing short of their rent money. Chase walked out of the Abandoned Safe House and lit a smoke while walking down the driveway towards the street where Big Puff was waiting by the 2002 Neon.
"Puff... How you doing man?" Chase asked as Big Puff attempted to light a smoke himself while failing to get the lighter to work.
"Good man, I need a light, but besides that, good." Puff said, giving Chase a playful look.
Chase, while taking a puff off his cigarette took the lighter out of his pocket and passed it to Big Puff. "Keep it", he insisted.
Lighting up his smoke, Big Puff inhaled and then gave Chase an insistent look.
"What?" Chase asked, unsure of what Puff was up to.
"We need something new Chase..."
"What do you mean?"
"We need something that makes people want to get high from our shit."
"What do you mean, people are buying!" Chase chuckled.
"Yeah, but, some of these people want more than just the drug, some people want a place to get high that has no Po-Po and no nagging women."
"Explain?" Chase insisted.
"Well... I was thinking we open a Drug Den... something low key... something that people would want to use as their Drug Spot."
"We're selling Coke Puff, what do they need a Drug Den for?"
"Well, maybe some of the Coke is also Crack, let's say... And maybe our clients are less paranoid having somewhere to go."
"So where are you thinking?" Chase asked.
"Well, the old Knick Street Motel would do, it is abandoned, and it has enough rooms for all of our clients to get high." Big Puff suggested.
"Puff, the Knick Street Motel is already occupied by homeless people--"
"--So we kick em out. This is our turf!"
"Puff... I don't know why you think it's necessary, but, if that's where you think our business should go, I'm down." Chase replied.
"Call up Big Thug, Slim Thug, Big Devil and Little Devil." Chase instructed as he through away his cigarette.

The drive to the Knick Street Motel was quick and painless. The Black Flag Mob had a very small reputation in this end of the hood, but a low reputation also meant less people to notice them.
As the crew of six got out of their cars, they each pulled out their handguns and began walking towards the entrance of the Motel.
Approaching the front door, Chase eyeballed the area, while one of the homeless people lying next to the front door in a blanket asked them for money.
"Pack your shit and leave, this is our property now!" Big Puff instructed, pointing a gun in the homeless man's face.
"Okay! I'ma -- I'ma leave now --- But uh, my dog's inside." The homeless man responded.
"Okay, go get it and then leave." Chase insisted.
As the homeless man walked inside the Motel, the BFM crew of six followed after him. Entering the dimly lit Motel, Chase saw it was an eyesore and looked nothing like it had in its glory days.
"Where's your dog?" Chase asked.
"Oh uh... It's just, uh --- Gang Raid! They want to take our Home! Gang Raid! They want to take---"


Chase gunned the homeless man down mercilessly, but the damage was done. As the BFM crew looked up the stairs they saw hundreds of homeless people running towards them carrying anything from knives to bats to copper pipe's.
"Get the fuck down or we open fire!" Big Puff yelled.
"Fuck dis shit man." Little Devil said as he began firing his gun at the crowd.


Taking the same cue, the other five members of the crew began to spread out and began open fire on the armed homeless people. After about three steady minutes of the gun show, the last couple of homeless people through their weapons on the ground and ran past them to leave the Motel.
"That my friends, is how you get shit done." Big Devil smirked,
"Check all of the rooms, make sure no one else is here." Chase replied, looking from body to body of the homeless people they had slaughtered.
The Motel was empty.
The turf was theirs, but not everyone knew that yet, and they couldn't risk having it taken from them. As the crew walked out of the Motel, Chase pulled out a can of Black Spray Paint and Tagged "Black Flag Mob" along with "BFM" on the Motel walls.
"Big Puff... Call 'Gunner' and 'SMIK' and tell them to hold down the Motel... have one  of our Dealers ready to begin business here... The door to the BFM Drug Den will open ASAP... $20 / Night with a discount on Weed." Chase instructed.

As the crew got in their cars and drove back to the hood, Chase lit up a smoke and laughed out loud.
"What's so funny?" Big Puff asked.
"We literally own a Motel Puff... That's more land than we've ever had."
"Yeah, were going to be making Big money now!" Big Puff exclaimed.
"That we are." Chase said as he took another puff of his cigarette.
San Andreas Black Flag Mob would be a gang to be remembered in Las Santos... Chase would be the Legendary Don. He just had to get everything in motion first...



I am a Theistic Satanist / Neo Pagan Wiccan. I am 29 years old... I Love Crypto and I Love Magick... Not all in the Same Plate though : /

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Fan Fiction]
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Fan Fiction]

In 1994, CJ moved from Liberty City to San Andreas. In 2012, CJ had settled down for the most part. But the young thug Chase Lamon was a 21 year old Gang Banger from San Andreas looking to make his Mark.

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