Episode 5: " I’ll Catch Your Princess"

Episode 5: " I’ll Catch Your Princess"


Sergeant Sarin's team swiftly received the report of a "breaking and entering" incident at the restricted Jungle Park. Officer Eli sat on a bench, struggling to contain her excitement. She anxiously pored over the report while trying not to give in to her wild instincts. Across the room, Officer Kian, known for his quiet and observant nature, examined surveillance footage alongside the night guards in the surveillance center. The monitors displayed a figure slipping into the park with stealth and secrecy.


Kian murmured, "This intruder appears quite small and agile. My guess is it's a girl."


Eli let out a frustrated grunt. "Ugh, what a headache! This mission is nothing short of tedious."


Ignoring Eli's complaints, Kian instructed one of the guards to display footage from the forest park's yew tree. He scolded them sternly, "You should understand the significance of that tree! The fate of humanity could hinge on it, and yet you've allowed an unknown individual to tamper with it?"


One of the guards attempted to defend themselves, saying, "But we've been monitoring that tree around the clock!"


Another guard chimed in, "I don't get it. It's just a tree. Why would someone want to harm it?"


The third guard muttered, "And there's something else you should see."


Eli impatiently asked, "Who cares? How long is this going to take, Kian?"


One of the guards continued, "Here it is! Watch as she approaches the ancient tree."


They witnessed the girl enter the greenery, standing beneath the colossal tree. Suddenly, one of the yew's branches moved of its own accord, gracefully bowing before the tiny intruder. The girl calmly placed her foot on the branch, as it lifted her gently.


"For God's sake!" Kian exclaimed.


"What? What did you see?" Eli inquired urgently.


Then she rushed over to Kian's side, replaying the astonishing scene. The tree was unmistakably responding to the girl, as if she were its queen.


Eli's eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at the monitor. Kian leaped to his feet, shouting, "What in the world was that? Did you see it too? Did the tree actually move? And who is that girl? I've never witnessed anything like this in my entire life! We must inform Sergeant Sarin immediately!"


"You stay here. I'll radio him right away," Kian said before leaving the surveillance room.


Eli remained stunned by the incredible sight, replaying it over and over again. She turned to one of the guards and asked, "Can I see that tree up close?"


"Of course! Follow me," one of the guards replied.


Accompanied by two guards, Officer Eli ventured to the open area where the majestic yew tree stood. She approached it, her eyes still filled with wonder. As she drew nearer, she touched the rough trunk with both palms and whispered to it, "I never believed that theory of Dr. Faris about talking trees, and I always thought this forest park and tree planting were a waste of money. But... how is this possible?"


Her eyes closed, and she took in the clean, cool air surrounding the colossal yew. After a few moments, she gazed up at the leafy, sentient creature and smiled with unwavering determination. "I will find that princess of yours, no matter what!"


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