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NFT Pipes: Real-World Generative NFTs

By GrabBag | CrackpotPhysicist | 1 Dec 2021

Sacred Wolf Creations is a workshop in Ohio that produces handmade pipes and other crafts. They are doing something very interesting: giving away free NFTs with the purchase of any pipe. And these aren't regular NFTs: they can be staked for a proprietary "Smoke Token" at the rate of one per day. And the source code, which has been made available on polygonscan, proves that this token can ONLY be minted by staking, which makes the total supply very limited.

So, the tokenomics are solid. What about the pipes themselves? Check out their NFT list to see what's been minted so far. They are excellent smoking pipes, made using traditional techniques, by a master craftsman. It doesn't get much better than that. Plus - every pipe is unique. From the woodgrain to the pattern of the stone, to the shape of the skulls and antlers, these pipes are verifiably authentic. Everything about generative NFTs apply to the pipes themselves. Plus - they smoke great! It's the perfect union of Digital and Physical.

They are planning a couple future airdrops, with digital NFTs and free pipes! So sign up for their airdrop if you want some free stuff. If you're interested in getting a pipe of your own, check out their Etsy page. Even if they don't mention NFTs in the product description, you can still request one from the seller.

Do you know of any other projects that offer NFTs with purchase of a physical good? I really want to investigate this marketing strategy more. I feel like this is where NFTs are headed in a major way. Until next time, thanks for reading!

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