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Big Corporations Are Mining You For Profits...

By Ari King | IoT: The People's Network | 20 May 2022

Big Corporations Are Mining You For Profits.


However... Their Days Of Profiting From & Monopolizing Your Data Are Numbered.


fa412165a2f36177cd73e5c72722609d5bab1c09e4645d6f46283fc09a215914.pngDOOR rewards you.


DOOR rewards you anytime you use the DOOR+ App to search for products and services. Anyone who joins the DOOR Network is rewarded with DOOR Coin for searching, clicking and viewing content and ads.



You already use your phone to find the things you need, DOOR provides a platform where the content creators & advertisers pay you instead.


The purpose of the DOOR platform is to break apart the monopoly of corporate data hoarding and greed starting with consumer data. 
Anyone who joins the DOOR Network bypasses the middleman of Big Ad Tech, and can benefit directly from every ad they click, and product or service they buy.
The DOOR+ app provides a platform that benefits both the consumer and the advertiser.
The DOOR+ app also allows users to earn DOOR rewards for participating in specific activities.
Additionally, the DOOR platform serves as a launchpad for the NIL Coin and Postgame NFTs. 


A list of real world accomplishments the DOOR team & community has achieved since launch (in less than 1-year):
  • Launched DOOR Coin July July 2021
  • Launched July 2021
  • Launched DOOR Staking Program Aug 2021
  • Launched DOOR Admin Platform
  • Started Developing DOOR+ App Sept 2021
  • Launched NFTLocker (NFT Marketplace) Oct 2021
  • Launched NFTLocker Admin Platform
  • Launched on BitTrue Exchange Nov 2021
  • Launched on BitMart Exchange Dec 2021
  • Launched 2nd Token - NIL Coin (
  • Launched on CoinTiger Exchange Jan 2022
  • Launched Alpha version DOOR+ App Feb 2022
  • Launched DOOR+ Network Admin Platform
  • Launched DOOR+ on App Stores Apr 2022
  • DOOR+ App has more than 12K 5-Star downloads in less than 6 weeks




Earn from reading & hearing current news updates. Earn from the clicking of products and services you are interested in and need. Your content is customized according to your interests.


Discover the things you never knew you needed. With DOOR, you can earn while you discover the best products and services and explore customized offers!


How it Works



Consumers register on MyDoorWallet and opt-in to products and services they currently need.


For example, do you need a real estate agent? plumber? insurance?


Once you notify the app, advertisers will pay you directly to be able to talk to you and offer their service.


It's that simple. You are paid to do what you already do on the Internet for free.


We’ve built a platform for Consumers to earn tokens for engaging with content and advertisers.


Consumers purchase billions of dollars in services and products every year. The goal of DOOR is to reward consumers for every view, click and action they take via our app.


  • Consumers earn tokens every time they view, click and take action in the app - no limits.

  • Advertisers get access to real actionable data directly from Consumers who have relevant needs.

  • Door provides quality service for both consumers and advertisers.


8026c2c833a421cdc1d95631576d3f7752afa7362e5064c65999587c9159903e.png Help us grow the DOOR community and get 1000 DOOR coins 8026c2c833a421cdc1d95631576d3f7752afa7362e5064c65999587c9159903e.png


Click Here To Join The Community. Your DOOR to the Web3 IoT




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IoT: The People's Network
IoT: The People's Network

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