The Game is Rigged!

By dezeaster | Grab Bag | 21 Apr 2022

The Game is Rigged and that's okay!

  So you've probably realized by now that even Crypto is rigged. If not I regret  I definitely like my chances over the traditional finance game.  Crypto is dominated by a tiny number of people, some even overlap with the traditional giants (shout-out J.P. Morgon.)

  Why do I not care, you ask? Because I know that I have a chance of making money in this game. I earn more the more I work, research and put time in and gain a sense of satisfaction to see my meager bags grow a little. I know that I have no chance in the old world and if you're reading this you don't either. The barrier to entry is way to high and it's not like I'll become an accredited investor overnight. Keep grinding because unlike the old system this system really does pay!,  

I gety pennies walking through Smiles, and I stack sats and eth answering trivia with Coin Hunt World and thats alright with me! Find the things you love in this space amd embrace them! They will make money!

TL:DR: It's all rigged but your odds are way better here!    Thank you for your time! chart for my chart peeps.  


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