BiteBTC Exchange is a Huge Scam 5/5/2019

By Gr8Crypto | Gr8cryptoNews | 5 May 2019

#BiteBTC Exchange has been scamming users of their funds by locking them out of their accounts without a real explanation.

Users who tried to #withdraw their funds have received messages that they have violated the conditions of the exchange and don't get any money back!

This is a message from BiteBTC for a user that got locked up of his account!

Hi guys BiteBTC blocked my account today After sending a ticket to support I received this mail

``Dear #Trader, Your account has been temporarily disabled and is currently under compliance review, which entails an examination of recent and past account activity to ensure our users are in compliance with our terms of service.

#Deposit Transaction(s): 0xbe9e6e19907561ea1493639ef7a6a589eff7b3b33e7dexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxccc To facilitate our review, please provide the following information: - The source of the funds for the above transaction(s), i.e. how and where they were acquired or purchased - Relevant documentation which indicates proof of ownership of the funds in question Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Once the above information has been provided and the compliance review has concluded, we will notify you of the results and the status of your account.

Petition Page

BiteBTC Claim Group

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