X2 Profit Pool Report

By GoVenture | GoVenture | 26 Jan 2023

X2 Profit Pool Report

Our main tool “X2 Profit Pool” is already working for 2 weeks. GoVenture partners earned more than $12000 since the 1st of January.

-Basic (100 USDT) - 15.95 USDT

-Basic Pro (500 USDT) - 79.75 USDT

-Starter (1000 USDT) -  159.5 USDT

-Starter Pro (2500 USDT) - 398.75 USDT

-Elite (5000 USDT) – 797.5 USDT

-Elite Pro (10000 USDT) – 1595 USDT

-Premium (25000 USDT) – 3987.5 USDT

-Premum Pro (50000 USDT) – 7975 USDT

-VIP (100000 USDT) – 15950 USDT

Now, we are in search of the first group of the most active partners, who will take part in bonus system. These people will receive their additional bonus for their loyalty.


For our partners, you can check news page on your account, we will share our X2 Profit Pool stats every day

We are keep working hard to make you happy this year!

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