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Guide: How To Create a Crypto Wallet For GoVenture

By GoVenture | GoVenture | 2 Feb 2023

To manage your GoVenture personal account, you need to link a cryptocurrency wallet. If you are taking your first steps in cryptocurrency, this guide will help you create it.


Step 1: Adding the extension

Find the Metamask extension in the browser extension store, or to install use this link the extension directly from the MetaMask website.

  1. Select your browser (the extension is supported in Chrome, Firefox, Brave,
  2. Edge and Opera browsers) and click the Install MetaMask button. You will be redirected to the extension store.
  3. Click Install. If there is a pop-up, confirm the extension installation there.

Step 2: Creating wallet

The extension window should open automatically. There will be a fox head that follows your cursor and a welcome text. Just click on the blue Start button.

Next, Metamask will offer you a choice. You can import a wallet or create a wallet. Click Create Wallet create it (right).

The next step is to accept the privacy policy. Click I Agree. So now you need to come up with a password to login.

Next, you will be prompted to watch the video. Take a look if you like and click “Next”.

Metamask will generate an 8-word seed phrase for you. Copy and save them so you don’t lose them. This is a kind of password. Even if you forget the password that you came up with during registration, the seed phrase will help you gain access to your wallet. So take care of the safety of this set of words and do not say it to anyone.

Note: The phrases in the picture are just an example. They will be different for you.

You should now repeat the sequence of words in the seed phrase. Do this and click on the blue button.

Next, Metamask will offer to go to the mobile application using the QR code. We advise you to close this window, as further steps in the instructions assume that you are using the wallet through a browser.

You have created a MetaMask wallet. This is how it should look.

Congratulations! You are ready to take the next steps towards x2!

Start your GoVenture road right now with us!

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