TRADING 212 with Cash Interest for EUR,GBP,USD + Free Stock!!

By Gouzgou_Maitre | Gouzgou View | 28 Aug 2023

Hello everyone!! How are you ??


REMINDER: Trading 212 is an awesome investment platform, and super popular with over 2,000,000 customers. Investing is commission-free and overall costs are super low.


Trading 212 new promotion started for a FREE STOCK!!


Before that lets talk about the cash interest!!


You can earn interest on your uninvested cash!!

EUR : 1.50%

GBP: 2.00%

USD: 2.25%

Daily interest payments: Watch your money compound daily!

No additional effort required: Continue investing as usual while your free funds earn interest automatically!!

(these APY may change)



Now for the FREE stock:

Requirements for the promotion!!

1. Sign up to Trading 212 using my link!! (or ask a friend for the link!!)


2. Verify your identity!! (kyc)

3. Fund your account within 10 days!! (in my case i deposited 10euro and i got the FREE stock...(ask them before you deposit any money)

4. Ends on 27.09.2023


Be careful !! Always read the terms and before deposit any money chat with them,they are very quick and helpful!!

Of course before sign up,do your own research...Search before invest...This is my choice and my opinion,not a financial advice...




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Do your own research!! I am not a financial advisor!! It's only my opinion!




Thank you!!

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