Delegating or Staking THETA Token

Delegating or Staking THETA Token

By juniordepp | gousemuzee | 12 Jun 2020

Firstly let's talk about Staking reward of THETA.

By Staking THETA you will get rewarded by TFuel.

Staking THETA is only Possible by Delegating your THETA in your Computer or Staking with Binance. Binance will never give you 100% rewards, and also it'll reward you after 30 day's of Staking.

There's another way to Delegate or Stake THETA, easily without Computer without Maintenance. GPooL will help you with Staking or Delegating of THETA.

 GPooL is a Fee Free service for you to stake THETA. Simply by joining at and start Delegating or Staking from their service.

For Delegation you'll need to have 10,000 or more THETA.

For Staking you can start with as low as 1 THETA to 9,999 THETA.



Choose Either to Delegate or Stake.

Delegating with GPooL will reward you for every 10mins. And with Staking you'll get your reward Daily in your THETA Wallet.

You can join their Telegram Channel for any Queries.

Or you can watch the Process of Staking in their YouTube channel.

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