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In the unlisted world, there are companies whose valuation can be much higher than in the universe of publicly traded companies.

Discover in this article, the definition of the term "unicorn", as well as the top 10 international unicorns in June 2019.

An unlisted company earns the title of unicorn when it reaches the billion dollar valuation threshold and the title of "decacorn" when the 10 billion dollar valuation threshold is reached.

These companies are mainly from startup profiles, enjoying rapid growth over a period of less than 10 years. Also, many are linked to the digital world and the Internet.

The unicorn ecosystem is international. But these record-valued companies are mainly located in the United States (49%) and China (25%), far ahead of other countries. This is also explained by the size of these countries.

Silicon Valley in California in the United States is famous for being a "breeding ground" for unicorns.

Different sources list unicorns. The most reliable being a priori which lists 360 in its version of June 2019, including 18 "decacorn". The Unicorn Galaxy has managed to raise a cumulative value of $ 273 billion since its origins.

When a unicorn decides to go public, it leaves the unicorn "club". The most notable have been Facebook, Alibaba, Spotify, Twitter, etc.

Here, in June 2019, is the list of the ten biggest unicorns. It includes unicorns valued at over $ 10 billion. Therefore, it is therefore also possible to name them “decacorn”.

TOP 10 international unicorns

1.Bytedance: startup valued at $ 75 billion, founded in 2012
Bytedance is a Chinese startup that has developed apps for creating short videos on smartphones, known as Douyin in China, and TikTok internationally.

In just 6 years, Bytedance has managed to place itself at the head of the world's unicorns thanks to its valuation of $ 75 billion. Its founder, Zhang Yiming, showed great intuition when targeting teenagers. Bytedance has more than 120 million daily users.3b05dc56e0c5f5003de5cf05da0b016a850dc3a5b2bac2349343a91a9073da76.jpeg


Bytedance is one of the most downloaded apps in the world, which has crossed Chinese borders, with TikTok being very popular in the United States as well as in many countries.

2. Didi Chuxing: VTC platform valued at 56 billion dollars, founded in 2012
Didi Chuxing is a Chinese company, like Uber, offering VTC service smartphone applications. With more than 550 million users in 400 cities and 21 million drivers, Didi is the benchmark application in China for limousine services.

The group is banking on its international development, in particular through the acquisition of stakes in Taxify (Estonia), Lyft (United States), or even “99” (Brazil). Didi Chuxing is currently valued at $ 56 billion.


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3. Jiil Labs: $ 50 billion e-cigarette refill company, founded in 2015
The youngest unicorn on this list is the manufacturer of electronic cigarette refills "Juul Labs", based on the concept of single-use cartridges. An extraordinary success because the company currently holds more than 70% of the electronic cigarette market in the United States.

Juul Labs is currently enjoying extraordinary revenue growth as it exceeded $ 1 billion in 2018, up from $ 200 million in 2017. Its sales volumes follow the same trend with +600 growth. %.

The vaping unicorn is therefore on a good roll and also improves the health of smokers.


4. Wework: coworking company valued at $ 47 billion, founded in 2010
WeWork is an American company in the coworking sector. It offers office spaces for tertiary companies, startups, freelancers, etc.

At the start of 2019, the WeWork Group managed more than 900,000 square meters of office space and also offered ancillary services such as access to health insurance, social networks and workshops.

WeWork operates in 97 international cities and has more than 260,000 members. The coworking company currently enjoys an occupancy rate of 84%.cd5c77ed1afc4d832c52c9ea7b146f4ff8abb4073dac81aeb6e91d96c70e6d65.jpeg

WeWork's 2018 revenue is growing strongly, standing at $ 1.8 billion from $ 866 million in 2017. However, the company is not yet making a profit.

5. AirBnb: hosting platform valued at $ 29.3 billion, founded in 2007
Like Uber in the field of private hire vehicles, Airbnb has created a disruptive model * in the world of traditional hotels thanks to its applications and websites for rentals between individuals.

Airbnb has over 150 million users to date. A splendid journey in a decade for its Californian founders. According to Reuters, Airbnb is planning its IPO this year, which will involve its removal from the unicorn list.



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