1001 Pharmacies, the marketplace dedicated to pharmacists

By CryptoItachi | Kenny16 | 10 Nov 2020

1001 Pharmacies, the marketplace dedicated to pharmacists
1001 Pharmacies allows all pharmacists to benefit from the internet channel. for the online sale of their products, be it drugs or parapharmacy products.

This market for the sale of drugs online has just opened in France, so few players are, for the moment, positioned in the sale of drugs online.

The competitive situation is therefore favorable for 1001 Pharmacies, which is remunerated with monthly subscriptions for pharmacists, as well as a commission on the turnover generated by pharmacists via the platform.


Launched 6 months ago, 1001 Pharmacies, which has 10 collaborators in the team, has already raised funds of € 600,000, and is now seeking € 2M to increase the number of partner pharmacies that use 1001Pharmacies to sell their products, and develop the brand image and reputation of the platform.

Lounge Up, the mobile application for hotels
LoungeUp is a mobile platform (available on iOs, Android or Kindle), which allows hotels to interact with their customers in order to increase satisfaction and loyalty. The LoungeUp service is fully customizable to each hotel, which can communicate to their customers about their special offers and services, before, during and after their stay. Customers can access LoungeUp as soon as they make their reservation (with an access key) or when they connect to the hotel's wifi.

LoungeUp is sold to hoteliers in the form of a subscription, the amount of which depends on both the size of the establishment and the modules chosen. The average subscription is around € 200 / month.


The company targets residences, resorts or 3, 4 or 5 star hotels, which represents around 6.6M rooms in 200,000 establishments. (around 5000 in France).

To date, around thirty hotels use the solution in France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The company aims to make LoungeUp the world leader in customer relations and customer loyalty for the hotel industry over the next 5 years, and is seeking between € 100 and € 200,000 to achieve this.

PizzaHub, the portal for ordering pizzas & Italian dishes
Pizzahub is the home catering & take-out portal specializing in ordering pizzas & Italian dishes. It allows you to order pizza from around your home with just a few clicks.

The idea is the result of a simple observation with the fact that today it is not possible to order a pizza delivery while benefiting from the exhaustive offer offered by restaurateurs (promotions, personalization, etc.) and the explosion of the market food delivery (over $ 1 billion in 2012 in the USA). The business model is based on a business provider model, which references points of sale and takes a commission on sales made online.

Created in April 2013, the company lists more than 100 pizzerias in Paris and has already signed several collaboration agreements with restaurants in IDF making it possible to cover order requests throughout Paris.

The idea is to accelerate the recruitment of restaurateurs at the same time as the development of the brand and the acquisition of the first customers, in order to become the number 1 online ordering channel for pizza delivery in France, then in Europe.


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