What is really Brave Browser (BAT) ?

By ayaya15 | Good-Deals | 8 Jun 2020

Brave, what is it?

Brave is a web browser that wants to be the most respectful of your personal data, it allows you to evolve freely on the internet in a secure environment while paying you for your use!

Launched in 2016 by Brendan Eich, the inventor of the famous Javascript language (1995) and one of the initiators of the Mozilla foundation and its Firefox browser, Brave aims to offer more secure, fast and protection-oriented browsing. the privacy of its users, while ensuring performance above the average of its competitors.

In May 2017, a fundraiser to finance the Brave project succeeds (through an ICO -Initial Coin Offering-) to garner the crazy amount of $ 35 million in just 30 seconds!

To facilitate exchanges within its ecosystem, the American startup launched the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency.

Brave also rewards Internet users who view its advertisements in BAT, up to 70% of its total advertising revenue (this feature can be disabled in order to benefit from browsing without any advertising).


The advertisements put forward on Brave are intended to be non-intrusive, they are therefore not very visible and limited in quantity, moreover these are not advertisements targeted at your searches and Brave does not recover your browsing data for commercial purposes .

The installation and interface are simple, clear and intuitive, you will need at most 5 minutes to fully access the potential of Brave.

One of the features of Brave is the Shields shield, an adBlock-like feature that blocks the majority of intrusive ads found on other browsers.

By using Brave as a browser, at home or in the office, you will generate a minimum income of € 5 per month, paid in BAT, without doing anything more than surfing the internet freely.

Most extensions available in the Chrome browser, such as Adblock, are also available in the Brave browser, and you can import your extensions and favorites from the Google service.

Lately version 1.0 of the browser has been released (mobile, PC, MAC) and the milestone of 10 million monthly active users has been crossed.

Note that to withdraw BAT tokens outside the Brave ecosystem, users and publishers must go through the Updhold online wallet service.

Brave also offers the possibility of using the decentralized Tor computer network directly through the browser interface and the browser also supports physical wallets like the Ledger Nano


What is the Basic Attention Token?

The Basic Attention Token (or BAT) is an ERC20 token from the Ethereum network (ETH). 1.5 billion units were issued in total. BAT is the cornerstone of the Brave browser’s tripartite advertising system.

The Brave user who surfs the net can choose to be paid for the advertisements which will be submitted to him on the various sites he usually visits, up to 70% of the income received by Brave

As a Brave user, you have the possibility of recovering your BAT directly to one of your online or physical wallets, or of offering all or part of it to the various content creators that you wish to support. These can be a website, a YouTube channel or even Twitch.


How the Brave ecosystem works:



Brave's performances

The Brave browser is based on a modified version of the open source code Chromium, from which it has however separated so that it is no longer dependent on the American giant Google.

The different graphs below here from the PCWorld specialist demonstrate here that Brave has nothing to envy its competitors, even finding itself regularly the leader in certain performance areas, often ahead of Edge and Firefox and up to Chrome.


Both in terms of speed:


That on the consumption of resources:



The Brave sponsorship offer

When you share Brave with those around you, you allow them to access a secure browser and to be paid at least € 5 every month.

In addition, anyone who installs the browser by following a referral link offers the content creator a bonus of $ 7.50.
This is credited in BAT tokens when the godson uses the browser at least 30 days after installing it.

My referral link:

Are you using the Brave browser? Would you recommend it to a loved one? Let us know about your experience in the comments.




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