What is Presearch ?

By ayaya15 | Good-Deals | 9 Jun 2020

What is Presearch?

Presearch is a search engine available on different browsers like Brave or Chrome that works on the blockchain and pays you in PRE tokens for your internet searches.

The Presearch search engine was born in 2011 following a disagreement between the owner of the site and the management of Google concerning the referencing of the site on this one. The decision was then obvious to create a decentralized search engine based on the blockchain, transparent and innovative.

It is very easy to install since you just need to install an extension on your internet browser and take advantage of 25 welcome PREs by following this link.


The advantage of the Presearch search engine is that it allows you to integrate several search modes with access of course to Google, but also Reddit, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube and many others directly, allowing you quickly access any content while paying you.

You can also use Presearch as an advertising tool.

Like any search engine, you only need to enter the keywords or terms of your search to receive your reward.

Instead of filling Google's pockets, you can therefore accumulate income from Presearch and the Brave browser and be paid for your Internet use!


PRE tokens


Presearch pays you for your internet research in PRE, the PRE is a token using ERC-20 technology, it is referenced on CoinMarketCap and its value is variable depending on the market.

You accumulate 0.25 PRE per search on the search engine and can exchange them towards a suitable wallet or one of the exchange platforms to which it is available or use it within the Presearch ecosystem.



Indeed Presearch also offers you the possibility of using your PRE to highlight your website or one of your pages on Presearch's internal search engine.

For this you have the possibility of posting a part of your PRE on a particular page to increase its visibility within the search engine, but it is also possible to spend its PRE in an advertising campaign highlighting your visibility on Presearch.




The Presearch welcome offer


When you follow a referral link to download Presearch, you get a welcome bonus of 25 PRE.

You can then share Presearch with those around you and benefit from a bonus of 25 PRE in turn, if your sponsored child makes 50 searches in the first month.

Consider accumulating your income using the Brave browser, more info here.



Are you already using Presearch? What do you think of their advertising campaign system? Let us know about your experience in the comments.



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