3 shitcoins with good ideas that failed

3 shitcoins with good ideas that failed

This post is in "good but unknown cryptocurrencies", but I wrote it for making another thing (and because I had this idea... poof). And because these shitcoins have nice ideas and concepts and can give ideas to developpers for future very good coins.


1 - JSEcoin (JSE)

JSE was a good idea at the beginning. Users were able to mine it with their browser or integrate their miner in their website (I tried it, and it only uses 10% of the CPU). Users were able to transfer it into JSE website and to withdraw it as an ERC20 token.

It was a nice idea, but, in april 2020, the they said that the website wasn't able to run so longer and was unprofitable (hosting costs money). So, two weeks after the announcement, the platform closed, but information page staid open.

  • website : jsecoin.com
  • problem : service discontinued
  • actual price : <1 satoshi


2 - Bytecoin (BCN)

Bytecoin is the first cryptonote coin and it was intended to be private. So users were able to mine it with CPU and send it privately.

But the project was mismanaged, and bytecoin became a shitcoin.

The good thing is that cryptonote system was reused on Monero (so XMR users and miners can say thanks to bytecoin).

  • website : bytecoin.org
  • problem : mismanagement
  • actual price : 5 satoshis


3 - Magi (XMG)

Magi is a CPU-only coin. It was intended to be mineable with low-end devices and staked. But development was stopped in 2018 and coin is now 150 satoshis. It's now a deadcoin.

  • website : m-core.org
  • problem : no support
  • actual prive : 150 satoshis


If you see other shitcoins to add, please say it in the comments. Maybe I'll add it in a next article.

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good but unknown cryptocurrencies
good but unknown cryptocurrencies

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