GoCrypto token plans for Q4 2021

By Eligma | GoCrypto_Official | 6 Oct 2021

The release of the GoC bridge in September truly marked a big milestone for the GoCrypto token (GoC). With this development, we were able to bring GoC to the Binance Smart Chain and further widen the utility of the token as well as make it a lot easier to form new partnerships and list the token on more exchanges.

That being said, Bridge is only the first step in our planned GoC Tokenomics 2.0, and there are plenty of exciting updates and features on their way!

Here you can see the planned upcoming GoC token updates for Q4 2021:

1. GoC BSC contract audit
Audit of the GoC BSC contract code will be performed by a third party, confirming the security and legitimacy of the contract code, which will build additional trust within the crypto community and make it easier to form new partnerships.

2. Major Exchange Listing
We are already exploring the options for GoC listings on major centralized crypto exchanges. This will introduce our GoC token to larger markets, wider crypto community as well as give the community additional options to where GoC can be traded.

3. GoC Bridge to Solana & SmartBCH
GoC bridge allows for GoC tokens to be issued on more than one chain simultaneously. At the moment, GoC exists on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain (SLP) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), however, we’ve decided to bring it to Solana and SmartBCH as well, further expanding the utility of the token.

We continue to develop and expand on the initial POS NFT idea featured in Tokenomics 2.0 reveal and are in the process of defining the outline of the final POS NFT product.

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