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GoCrypto - The Fastest Growing Crypto Payment Network

By NAKA_ | NAKA | 25 Feb 2021

What is GoCrypto?

GoCrypto is the fastest growing crypto payment network. It allows you to easily accept crypto at your local or online store. You can choose to keep the cryptocurrency you received, convert it to another cryptocurrency, or avoid it completely by receiving settlements in your local currency.

From Burger King in Slovenia to over 50 locations in Antigua, Croatian real estate agencies, and car dealerships and ferry rides in Switzerland. GoCrypto is the easiest way to accept cryptocurrencies at your point of sale, available in 64 countries.


GoCrypto for Online stores

You can accept crypto payments at your online store with one of our many free GoCrypto payment gateway plug-ins for a super quick web store integration. We offer all our plug-ins for free and support many major e-commerce platforms as well as enable custom e-commerce integrations in case you use a platform that we don't yet support.


GoCrypto In-store

If you're using one of the supported cashier system providers at your local business, you can accept cryptocurrencies with just a switch of a button. Within your existing system, a new GoCrypto payment option appears, and you're ready to start accepting crypto. All integrations on supported cashier systems are quick, easy, and free.

In case you don't use any of the supported systems – we do offer a webPOS solution, which turns your smartphone, tablet, or computer into a cryptocurrency POS processor. This solution is especially popular with small business owners, freelancers, and others that don't use any of the supported cashier systems.


Why GoCrypto?

  • Fastest growing cryptocurrency payment network in the world
  • One system for different crypto wallets
  • No setup costs
  • The lowest fees on the market
  • Free maintenance
  • Cheaper than credit cards
  • Loyalty rewards for your customers
  • Use on your phone, tablet, or computer


How it Works.

1. Choose your plan
Connect with millions of crypto wallet users without changing your business process. Just create an account, choose your plan and you are ready to go.

2. Generate payment
The payment process is simple for you and your customers. Simply create a QR code payment order through GoCrypto. Your customer then scans the QR code with their mobile crypto wallet and confirms the transaction.

3. Receive funds
Receive settlements exchanged into your local currency straight to your bank account. You can also receive them in crypto if you choose.

Supported cryptocurrencies: 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), GoCrypto token (GoC), GoCrypto Gift token (GoCG), Tezos (XTZ), Viberate token (VIB) and we are constantly adding new currencies!

Do you have a business and want to accept crypto payments? Check out how you can get started.



GoCrypto Token

GoCrypto logo

About GoCrypto token:

The GoC token is used for payments on the GoCrypto platform and in the scope of GoCrypto loyalty program. Users of the Elly mobile application can use GoC for shopping at local and online stores; in selected countries, they also receive a tokenback reward for every purchase. We continue to broaden GoC’s utility by integrating it into B2B processes, merchant settlements, and other loyalty programs. 

To learn more about GoCrypto token's utility, check out GOC Tokenomics.

Token name: GoCrypto
Symbol: GoC
Type: SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol)
Token ID: 3f83fa9f168f01d68933ef5fdb77143b2376ba7bf3a78175258861982d90d500
SLP Explorer

Exchanges and trading pairs:

Bitcoin.com Exchange: GoC/ETH, GoC/BCH



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NAKA is a FinTech company developing a comprehensive suite of financial products and services, including a holistic point-of-sale payment solution, a blockchain payment scheme, and a dedicated self-custodial payment card, offering a complete payment ecosystem. Built on the foundation of GoCrypto’s success story, NAKA’s blockchain-powered financial ecosystem bridges traditional and decentralized finance, committed to decentralizing finances and achieving financial inclusion for all.

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